Shipmeadow Lock - Now known Locally as Geldeston Lock

Engraving Dates to 1878

This print is a steel engraving from "The Picturesque World" published by Estes & Lauriat, Boston,

The approx. size is 5" x 7.24"

Based on a painting by James Stark see below.

James Stark [British Painter, 1794-1859]

"He undertook in 1827 the publication of a work on The Scenery of the Rivers of Norfolk, which was completed seven years later; the illustrations he prepared for it have much topographical and artistic interest and show well the better qualities of his work." Could the painting be part of this work from 1827?

The large building in the background is the Shipmeadow Maltings - note not in the painting.



The Locks Inn - this is still in existance - the middle of the now extended Pub.

The Lock.