Geldeston History

Pictures from Mary Tuppen's collection

img001 Top of Church Tower.jpg

img002 Kells Way.jpg

img003 Back of Kells Way card.jpg

img004 Dunburgh Manor.jpg

img005 Dunburgh Manor.jpg

img006 Dunburgh Manor.jpg

img007 Dunburgh Manor Moat.jpg

img008 Music Festival.jpg

img009 Music Festival Picture Back.jpg

img010 Playground.jpg

img011 Fete Programme.jpg

img012 Fete Programme.jpg

img013 Horse Race Evening.jpg

img014 Village Hall.jpg

img015 Village Hall.jpg

img016 Village Hall.jpg

img017 VPA Meeting.jpg

img018 Old House Cottage.jpg

img019 House next to the Wherry.jpg

img020 Bowls - nNow car park The Wherry Inn.jpg

img021 Floods Station Rd - Station in Background.jpg

img022 Lily Lane.jpg

img023 Bowling in the Hall Bob Cook Mr Lane.jpg

img024 Old People's Dinner.jpg

img025 Old Peoples Dinner.jpg

img026 Mother Union.jpg

img027 Old Shop etc.jpg

img028 School before conversion to housing.jpg

img029 Village Sign.jpg

img030 Church.jpg

img031 Church.jpg

img032 Graves Layout.jpg

img033 Village School children.jpg

img034 1911 Graves list 1.jpg

img035 1911 Graves list 2.jpg

img036 1911 Graves list 3.jpg

img037 1911 Graves list 4.jpg

img038 Fete Programme.jpg

img039 Fete Programme.jpg

img040 16 West End.jpg

img041 Wherry Inn Pictures.jpg

img042 Village Produce Association Auction.jpg

img043 Mamma Mia Film Show.jpg